Digital Archive of Historical Kirkwood Now Online!

Courtney Flesch

By: Courtney Flesch on March 15, 2016 Print This Post

Kirkwood Public Library has so much to celebrate this year! In addition to our year-long 90th anniversary celebration, we are also proud to announce the launch of our digital archive. This online collection features historic photographs and documents from the history of the Kirkwood area. Through our collection website at, you now have online access to a collection of photographs showcasing the history of the Kirkwood Public Library, the building of Kirkwood’s parks, and the daily life of a bygone era. Much of the collection- almost 400 photographs- was provided to us by the Kirkwood Parks and Recreation Department.

This is a fun way to connect to the history of our community! We hope you’ll be reminded of good memories or learn something new about the history of Kirkwood.  If you see yourself or someone you know, feel free to post it to your Facebook or pin it to your Pinterest boards! We are also interested in your contributions- if you have photos, documents, or digital videos that are historically or culturally significant to Kirkwood’s history, you can request the library to scan the items and add them to the collection. Together we can expand this collection to showcase the full and fascinating history of our city.

Heather Arnold works in the Customer Service Department of the Kirkwood Public Library and is currently reading Speaking from Among the Bones by Alan Bradley. She can be reached at


Courtney Flesch

Written by Courtney Flesch