Good Books at the Pool

Courtney Flesch

By: Courtney Flesch on June 4, 2015 Print This Post

The Book Caboose has pulled out of the station (aka Kirkwood Public Library). Its new summer home is at the Kirkwood Community Pool.

Designed and built by Riggs Construction and Design, the Book Caboose is full of free summer reads for all ages. Take a book and enjoy it by the pool, tuck it in your tote bag when you’re ready to head home and don’t worry about late fines! We are excited to partner with the Kirkwood Parks and Recreation Department to offer this service to Kirkwood pool-goers. Reading is fun anywhere! Enjoy!

For information on the Kirkwood Pool, please visit the city’s web sitebookcabooseatcitypool


Courtney Flesch

Written by Courtney Flesch