Final Days of Summer Reading at Kirkwood Public Library!

Courtney Flesch

By: Courtney Flesch on August 6, 2014 Print This Post

It’s not too late to sign up and log summer reading at your Kirkwood Public Library. The summer reading program runs all the way until Saturday August 9th; however, everything must be logged and all prizes picked up by August 9th at 5pm. You can back log your time read/books all the way to the start of summer reading on May 17th.  There are still prizes left, but hurry some supplies are limited. Some of the exciting prizes for different age levels include:Summer Reading Graphic

  • Adults- a flash drive (just for signing up), free book (10 books)
  • Teens – an invitation to our teen lock-in featuring mini box fort wars and all the snack food and candy you can eat (30 hours), Keychain flashlight (5 hours)
  • Kids –  atomic super ball (300 min.), Free cookie from Great Harvest Bread Company (1800 min.)

Join now by clicking here or through the homepage at Choose the tab that corresponds to your age group then click signup. Read, log, then stop by and pick up your prizes.

Courtney Flesch is the Stack Maintenance, Teen, & IT Manager and is currently trying to solve puzzles in the Two-minute Mysteries Collection by Donal J. Soblol.  Visit your Kirkwood Public Library at 140 E. Jefferson Avenue, or call us at 821-5770.  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


Courtney Flesch

Written by Courtney Flesch