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Courtney Flesch

By: Courtney Flesch on June 26, 2014 Print This Post

Kirkwood Public Library has a number of solutions to help you on your quest to find the perfect material.  First, we have several blogs for your perusal. The Staff Reads Blog is a general blog aimed at adults that shares items staff have checked out and their opinions. This blog also includes new materials, holiday, readalikes, and other themed lists. The Teen Connection Blog gives the teen perspective on items found in our catalog and is written by our teen volunteers. The Feed a Reader Blog reviews books for children and includes a number of booklists for popular children’s themes including dinosaurs, Star Wars, and Barbie books.Staff Favs

A staff recommendation shelf resides at the very front of the library, stacked with books, games, music, and audiobooks with a stamp of approval from various employees of KPL.  Each item on the recommendation shelf contains a bookmark detailing who recommended it and why. With such a diverse crew, you may quickly find a staff member with similar tastes. Watch for their recommendations or start a conversation with them to get more ideas.

Finally, we encourage adult readers to stop at the reference desk for some personalized, one-on-one recommendations. Tell us what books you’ve read lately, if you liked or disliked them, and we’ll make some recommendations.  For personalized children’s book ideas, you can fill out the online form here and the children’s librarians will formulate some new ideas for you.  Have fun reading!

*Courtney Flesch is the Stack Maintenance, Teen, & IT Manager and is currently reading The Next America: Boomers, Millenials, and the Looming Generational Showdown by Paul Taylor.  Visit your Kirkwood Public Library at 140 E. Jefferson Avenue, or call us at 821-5770.  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


Courtney Flesch

Written by Courtney Flesch