There’s Something Happening Here…Something…Strange…


By: Beth von Behren on April 21, 2014 Print This Post

Captain Munch - Strange Donuts

Cap’n Munch, the Donut

Donuts!  Strange, strange donuts (pizza donuts? donuts covered in Captain Crunch cereal?), as in Strange Donuts, a real-life donut shop – is coming to Kirkwood!

While we don’t usually promote individual businesses on the Blog or in City promotions (actually, we make it a policy not to), we think it is AWESOME that City of Kirkwood is now trending on Twitter because of all the attention that’s been stirred up because of a little fritter critter.

Well, maybe not officially trending, but we are definitely getting some attention.  First we had a new follower (Strange Donuts!), and they mentioned us, and then about a half a dozen other folks “favorited” that “mention.”  Then we got even more new followers.

The Twitterverse is an odd place, with its own jargon and culture, and we are proud to be a part of it.  (And, actually, we’re getting a little hungry for donuts at this point…)  So…if you want to follow us on Twitter, click here, and then look for @KirkwoodCity.  If you want to read more about Strange Donuts, click here to view their Website.  Keep in mind that their application to open on Argonne still needs to be approved by City Council (because they are requesting a special use permit).

And don’t forget – we have lots of new and unique businesses opening up in Kirkwood all the time.  It’s just that kinda place.




Written by Beth

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