Kirkwood Council Member Nancy Luetzow Selected for Affton Alumni Hall of Fame


By: Beth von Behren on February 10, 2014 Print This Post

Kirkwood Council Member Nancy Luetzow was recently notified that she had been nominated and selected for Affton High School’s Alumni Hall of Fame.  She wrote it all down for the Blog, so here’s her story.

by Nancy Luetzow, Kirkwood City Council

I graduated from Affton High School in 1971, one year after the now-famous, John Goodman. (The ubiquitous local personality and business-owner, Scott Mosby, was also in my graduating class.)

Scattergood Award - Full Council

Council Member Nancy Luetzow (far right) and other Council members pose with Mark Petty, Kirkwood Electric Director (center) after the City was awarded the prestigious Scattergood award for electric service reliability.

After attending Catholic school through 6th grade, my mom enrolled me at Mackenzie Junior High (Affton School District) in 1965. The thought of public middle school was pretty scary at first, but also very exciting since it opened up a whole new world for me in music education, Russian language studies (mandatory for all 7th graders at the time), and advanced science and math courses. To one degree or another I continued my focus on all of the above throughout high school and then at Wash U, where I received my degree in Russian Literature in 1975 (after switching majors from being a chemistry major for fear of losing my scholarship).

“The Arts” have been important to me from day one, vocal music in particular. My junior-high music teacher, Bill Hulub, is also being honored this year. To share the stage with him after so many years will be a very big honor and an a huge thrill. I can’t wait to thank him for his direction and encouragement in vocal music. He planted the first seeds of my continued deep involvement as a singer, organizer, and supporter of various choruses and church choirs in St. Louis’ rich musical community.

I’m especially proud of one group in particular – Java Jived – a mixed vocal jazz octet, which I founded in 2005. Java Jived recently received rave reviews for its performance in January at one of the Parties of Note benefiting the St. Louis Symphony and presented by the Symphony Volunteer Association.  Here’s a link to our Website:

Nancy Luetzow Dancing

Council Member Nancy Luetzow hoofing it at the 2012 Greentree Dance in Kirkwood Park.

Because my mom and dad had fairly limited educational backgrounds, being introduced to all manner of new fields and activities in 7th grade public school was key to determining the direction of my subsequent professional and amateur pursuits. I am very grateful to have had so many knowledgeable and dedicated teachers help pave the way on through high school and beyond.

An auction/dinner gala will be held on Saturday, March 1, 2014 at Sunset Country Club, 9555 Geyer Road. This year’s theme is “Celebrating the Arts in Affton.”  I was thrilled to be nominated by Kirkwood resident Roger Vonder Bruegge. Roger’s wife, Linda, was my high-school English teacher, and one of my favorites. I am so honored to join the ranks of other Affton alumni, particularly with this year’s focus on “The Arts.”




Written by Beth

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