Yes, Virginia, There is a List

Georgia Ragland

By: Georgia Ragland on December 14, 2012 Print This Post

During the holiday season we seem to be making endless lists. Grocery lists, holiday card mailing lists, shopping gift lists, and of course mentally making that naughty and nice list. Here’s a short story about an unexpected list.

About 10 years ago, my brother offered to do the Children’s moment at his church during December. He thought it would be interesting for the kids to actually be able to see, touch, and smell actual gold, frankincense and myrrh. So he got online and started shopping. He managed to find a boxed set that contained all three so he ordered it. He thought nothing of the fact that the price was in Pounds as he knew his credit card would handle any currency conversion.

A few weeks later his box arrived and it was everything he could have hoped for. But then I got a panicked phone call. “Georgia!” he said.  “This is awful.”  I asked him what was wrong, expecting a hospital visit to be involved given his tone of voice. “I’m on record as importing agricultural products from Oman!”  So now he’s on somebody’s list, somewhere. At least it’s not a really important list, like Santa’s.


Georgia Ragland

Written by Georgia Ragland