What Are You Waiting For – Retirement?

Georgia Ragland

By: Georgia Ragland on July 31, 2012 Print This Post

My dad has had the most amazing retirement experience. After retiring from the St. Louis Community College system, he continued to teach the occasional course, traveled extensively (including a trip to Antarctica), and played the organ at church. Now well into his 80s, in the past five years he’s seen his only son finally get married, his granddaughter produce two great grandchildren, and welcomed a new granddaughter and a grandson who is named after him.

Retirees enjoy the River Walk at Kirkwood Aquatic Center.

It’s no surprise that people spend a lot of time researching what makes for a good retirement. The Milken Institute looked at what seniors want to find in the places they want to live in after retirement. The best cities, they found, are those that offer quality health care, educational and employment opportunities, transportation, and an economy that works for seniors, according to the article in USA Today that reported on their findings.  Columbia, Missouri, ranked fourth out of more than 250 small cities they looked at in the small city category.  While I’m sure that Columbia is a wonderful place to live, I think that Kirkwood has a lot to offer seniors as well as people of all ages. If you were going to retire here in Kirkwood, what stands out for you and what would you like to see changed?

One of the areas the researchers pointed to was that retirees like educational opportunities. Have you seen the Fall 2012 Continuing Education brochure for the St. Louis Community College?  My father was originally hired to teach math at Florissant Valley when they were still teaching in trailers as they constructed the campus, so I’m very familiar with the academic offerings. But the breadth of continuing education offerings as the college system enters its 50th year is simply astounding. Some classes are one day in length; others are up to eight weeks long. There literally is something for everyone. Here is a sampling of some of the course titles that caught my eye: Get Fit with Bollywood Dancing; Learn to eBay: In a Day; Tips for Traveling to Europe; Fearless Home Repair: DIY “Light” Electrical Repairs; Improving Your Credit Score; and probably my favorite title – The Wonderful World of Fermented Vegetables. If you didn’t receive a brochure in the mail, you can check the listings out online at www.stlcc.edu/ce .

You don’t even have to be retired to sign up.  But don’t wait until you are retired to enjoy life.  Make every minute count.


Georgia Ragland

Written by Georgia Ragland