The Graduation Month


By: Beth von Behren on May 10, 2012 Print This Post

An uplifting story about a local high school senior, who graduates this month and heads to Columbia University in the fall, caught my eye because we both graduated from the same high school.  There, however, the similarities end.  We had very different lives.  For one, I graduated from Normandy when it was a top-tier Missouri school.  Today, it barely holds on to its accreditation. For another, although we never had a lot of money, my family always had a house to come home to.  It was small, but it was home.  Eboni Boykin, the hero of our story, has been homeless several times during her young life.  Despite this setback, and many others, she has completed three advanced placement courses (and taken the exams), scored a 27 on her ACT, and was not only accepted into an Ivy League school but will attend on a full-ride scholarship.  Her story brought tears to my eyes.

In Kirkwood this month, there were tears too – tears of joy!  Kirkwood High School was ranked SIXTH in the state by US News and World Reports.  Here’s a story that describes the criteria for the recognition.  And, here’s a link to the story on the magazine’s Website.  There’s a lot to celebrate in these stories.

May is Graduation Month.  A year ago I was planning for one child’s high school graduation and the other’s college graduation.  Today, I am a month away from being an empty-nester.  Judging by the Kirkwood School District’s calendar – which says Prom is this weekend and Graduation is next weekend – there are a lot of Kirkwood parents out there who can commiserate.  We should talk!  In fact, I invite you to share your prom and graduation stories and photos RIGHT HERE in the comments section.  CELEBRATE!




Written by Beth

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