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Georgia Ragland

By: Georgia Ragland on May 5, 2012 Print This Post

I love opening weekends of blockbuster movies. I don’t consider myself much of a movie buff. When the Academy Awards or Golden Globes come around I’ve usually not seen any of the nominees. Partly this is because of my very strict rule of not going to see anything that does not involve a happy ending. I don’t care how good the acting is, that the script was brilliant, or that the soundtrack is selling out in stores. It’s not even enough to have a happy ending if it’s going to make me cry for ¾ of the movie. I attribute this phobia to a memorable trip to a drive-in movie with my parents at a young age where we watched Old Yeller (spoiler alert: beloved dog dies of rabies). Have I mentioned I’m a dog person? They went home with four sobbing children and refused to accompany us to the movies again until we were adults.

Luckily, one of my great-aunts was nice enough to make sure we got to go to the movies occasionally. Then when I was in college in NYC I experienced the thrill of opening night downtown Manhattan waiting in line for four hours to see Star Wars. After that I was hooked on the excitement of seeing one of the biggest movies of the year in its opening weekend. When I became an aunt, I would even take my niece out of school to see the first showing (noon) of certain hit movies (this was before midnight movie openings became popular). Of course if she’d been a poor student, I would never have done that, but it is one of the many reasons I am my family’s favorite aunt.

So, how many of you have seen The Hunger Games, and will be checking out The Avengers? Movie prices keep going up, but then so do the costs of making blockbuster movies with spectacular special effects. But what I can’t understand is the outrageous cost for a soda, popcorn and/or box of candy. Movie refreshments have now gotten so expensive that it rivals the cost of dinner out. That brings me to my recommendation for this week:  Check out one of the many wonderful Kirkwood eating establishments before or after the movie and resist rewarding the theater for their crazy markups. Maybe you’ll see me at a PG-13 blockbuster movie this month, but with no tissues or popcorn in sight.


Georgia Ragland

Written by Georgia Ragland