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By: Beth von Behren on April 12, 2012 Print This Post

The new Kirkwood Blog is now LIVE (which you can tell for yourself if you are reading this).  We are SOOOO very excited here at City Hall about our new blog.  A friend said to me recently – “But blogs are so 2006.”  That may be true, but the Kirkwood Blog is going to be different.  Consider this the City’s own social media page, where you can post comments and photos and sign up to get email notices about new posts.  We want to keep you informed, but we also want to have FUN here.

Do you have a photo of Kirkwood you would like to share?  Post it in a comment.  Did your fifth grader draw a great picture of something you would like to share?  Post it here.  Did you have a great experience at a Kirkwood event?  Tell us about it here.  ALSO: Fridays will be OPEN POST day, where everybody is invited to post comments and questions on any topic and we will try to get you an answer. [Note: Please read the guidelines for posting on the right side of this page. Thank you.]

Today’s topic: City Employees Recognized!

Ray Zelle will be recognized today at our annual employee luncheon.  Ray (photo left) has been with the City for 45 years in the Electric Metering department.  He was hired in October 1966 as a meter reader.  In 1970, he became a meter tester, and in 1984 he was promoted to Meter Leadman.  Ray has a collection of meters (see photo, right) spanning his entire 45 years with the City.  We salute Ray for his years of service to the residents of Kirkwood!

At today’s luncheon, we also honor dozens of other City employees who have achieved significant milestones.


5 years:
Rashad Akinyemi, Police
Michael Bazzoni, Fire
Janel Cunningham, Police
Tim Faulstich, Electric
Tim House, Fire
Grayer Mallory, Park
Mark Petty, Electric
Jill Schulte, Police
Justin Weidner, Electric
Mike Wilson, Police
10 Years
David Brigman, Street
Jamie Campbell, Water
Cindy Casserly, Police
Norvell Harris, Sanitation
William Haskell, Police
Christopher Nelson, Police
Ann Short, Fleet
Tim Smith, Electric
Katie Stimetz, Electric/Water
Glenn Voertman, Engineering
Gary Walters, Street
15 Years
Tony Carvalho, Building Comm.
Dan Ennenbach, Police
Kris Houska, Finance
Larry Johnson, Sanitation
Jim Kohlfeld, MIS
Leo Meyer, Fire
Joel Patrick, Police/Code Enforcement
James Sommer, Fire
Robert Sumpter, Fire
Kathie Valentine, Administration
20 Years
Dan Davila, Fire
Andy Kee, Water
Dean Lenz, Electric
Gary Schwegel, Parks
Pam Shands, MIS
Dave Valentine, Electric
25 Years
Denise Cox, Police
Dennis Fischer, Fire
Doug Hargate, Police
Terry McGovern, Water
30 Years
Greg Hanneken, Electric
Chris Nagel, Police
Deb Wandling, MIS
35 Years
Jo Dawson, Police
Ron Fuist, Fire
Greg Griffin, Water
Stephanie Newton, Police
45 Years
Ray Zelle, Electric




Written by Beth

Beth von Behren is the Public Information Officer for the City of Kirkwood. She manages the City Website ( and writes/edits both the monthly "Eye on Kirkwood" (published on the last Friday of the month inside the "Webster-Kirkwood Times") and the every-other-weekly e-newsletter "Kirkwood Happenings." To sign up for the e-newsletter, send an email to