Green water, really?

Georgia Ragland

By: Georgia Ragland on April 17, 2012 Print This Post

I’m the city’s Asstistant Chief Administrative Officer (ACAO), and so I’m going to be trying my hand at blogging here occasionally.

Last week, the City was recognized by Resource Management, the company that purchases our recyclables, for our record setting 2011 diversion rate of 45%. Kirkwood residents are doing a terrific job of recycling. But in addition to recycling we need to think about all three of the “R’s” which are Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

One way we can do that is by drinking tap water rather than bottled water. A reusable insulated container can make tap water just as convenient and portable as bottled water. Municipal drinking water is strictly regulated, and utilities are testing it frequently. In fact, you can check out our water quality report on our website.  In a recent article by Elizabeth Daigeau for Governing Magazine ( she tells of the response of the City of Cleveland, Ohio, to an ad campaign by Fiji Water. They compared the test results of city water to Fiji’s bottled water and the city’s water won, hands down. So, consider being really green, and enjoy the convenience and taste of Kirkwood water. Your budget will also thank you.


Georgia Ragland

Written by Georgia Ragland