January 27, 2012


By: Beth von Behren on January 27, 2012 Print This Post

Friday, January 27, 9:00 a.m.   Did you know that Missouri ranks 17th nationally in terms of investment in biking and walking facilities?  The bad news is we rank 40th in the nation for actual biking and walking.  Of course, it’s hard to bike and walk when it’s 30 degrees outside, but on the days when the temperatures soar to 40, we hope you’re taking advantage of all the biking and hiking/walking trails in and around Kirkwood.  Nationally, bicyclists and pedestrians account for 14 percent of traffic fatalities, while just 1.6 percent of federal transportation funds are spent on biking and walking paths and facilities.  In Missouri, bicyclists and pedestrians are only 7.9 percent of traffic fatalities, and these modes receive 1.83 percent of federal transportation funds, so we’re on the right track.  You can read more interesting statistics HERE about biking and walking as modes of transportation.

Of course, it’s FRIDAY, which means it’s Biggest Loser Weigh-In Day in Kirkwood.  Last week, our employees lost a combined total of 218.6 pounds (1.85 percent of body weight, combined).  This week, despite some kind of virus that had me out of work for a day and a half, I lost 1.7 pounds for a total of 5.4 lost.  I’m feeling pretty good about that, especially since I haven’t been able to exercise since Monday when the virus slammed me.  Did you see us on KSDK Channel 5’s 6pm news Tuesday night?  Here’s a link to the story if you’re interested.

Recipes:  We are having a TON of fun with this Biggest Loser thing, in case you can’t tell, and one of the best parts is sharing recipes with each other.  Personally, I LOVE pizza; I could live on the stuff.  But eating healthier requires eating less pizza, because it’s chock full of carbs and SODIUM (the hidden culprit behind water weight).  One of our dispatchers, Karen, is also a trainer, and she sent us this GREAT recipe for deep dish pizza.  Of course, you can change the toppings all you want – add more veggies, take out the ground turkey, add chicken, whatever you want.  Enjoy!  And see you next week!!



Written by Beth

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